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04 Nov 2006
01 May, 2006 by clown7

A little soft shoe,
I'll dance around the issues,
then slide out of here.

04 Nov 2006

Stuck on You

26 May, 2006 by clown7

I'm not letting go!
I'm not letting go either!
Fine! How do we pee?

04 Nov 2006


04 May, 2006 by tampioca

They are just so big,
Sometimes I carry them here,
So I walk better.

04 Nov 2006

Sticky Business

10 May, 2006 by tampioca

Don't open that bag,
the contents are top secret:
Twix and a Hustler.

04 Nov 2006
05 May, 2006 by tampioca

Man, I love this part.
Sometimes they throw drawers at me.
Not theirs, some fat dude's.

04 Nov 2006

Double Dipper

12 May, 2006 by clown7

"I have felt your pain.
It's right next to your wallet,
so it's worth the trip."

04 Nov 2006

Pile it On

18 May, 2006 by tampioca

I brought my shovel.
I figured I would need it,
to cut through the bull.

04 Nov 2006

The Unkind Cut

28 May, 2006 by tampioca

Hey George, check me out!
I've got bigger balls than you,
and I've been neutered!

04 Nov 2006

Sight Seeing

09 May, 2006 by clown7

Out your left window
you'll see a bombed out wasteland,
get used to it folks.

04 Nov 2006
15 May, 2006 by clown7

The twins drink like George,
and you passed down your "slut gene",
but still no grandkids?