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04 Nov 2006
07 June, 2005 by tampioca

I've seen her before
on a screen about that size,
but with a donkey.

04 Nov 2006

Carpe Boobies

10 June, 2005 by clown7

"Carpe Diem" George,
that's Latin for "seize the day"
like Hitler seized France.

04 Nov 2006

Panic Attack

13 June, 2005 by clown7

Whenever Dick smiles,
Democrats get real nervous
and Arabs freak out.

04 Nov 2006
04 June, 2005 by clown7

The telephone rings:
"Is the man of the house there?"
Hey, Dick! It's for you!

04 Nov 2006

Down with AARP

06 June, 2005 by tampioca

You wanna do what?
Are you sure you can do that,
with your brand new hip?

04 Nov 2006

Green Beret

26 June, 2005 by clown7

Dude, total buzzkill!
This bong smells like gunpowder.
You can have it back.

04 Nov 2006


13 June, 2005 by clown7

He was driving fine,
'til that illegal left turn,
straight into Baghdad.

04 Nov 2006

Notre Dame

03 June, 2005 by clown7

Some people see ghosts.
Some people see U.F.O.s.
Laura sees hunchbacks.

04 Nov 2006


28 June, 2005 by clown7

Morris Day concert,
1985, third row,
I was the drunk guy.

04 Nov 2006

Smooth Operator

05 June, 2005 by clown7

The hard desert wind
pounds against tightly drawn skin
like a drum solo.