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04 Nov 2006

She Bangs

21 May, 2006 by tampioca

I hear you're real smart.
Can you build me a robot?
With a vagina?

04 Nov 2006
29 May, 2006 by clown7

Let's not mince words here,
I'm technically a "moron",
"dumbass" is just slang.

04 Nov 2006


22 May, 2006 by clown7

We had a great time,
watched MTV, did our hair,
then we shaved our legs.

04 Nov 2006

Tool Time

07 May, 2006 by tampioca

I got an award.
It must be for penis size.
It says "biggest tool".

04 Nov 2006

Rosemary's Baby

14 May, 2006 by tampioca

Your baby is cute,
and you named her after me?
"White devil woman".

04 Nov 2006

The Bomb Squad

25 May, 2006 by clown7

Enough talking boys,
it's already 10:30!
Let's blow some shit up!

04 Nov 2006

The Piper

02 May, 2006 by clown7

We accept VISA,
Mastercard, Discovery,
checks, and cold hard cash.

04 Nov 2006

Oh, Gee...

17 May, 2006 by tampioca

You're pretty cool man.
You shake hands like a gangsta.
But you're a honky.

04 Nov 2006
31 May, 2006 by tampioca

Um, President Bush?
"Shaking hands with Mr. Dong"
doesn't sound like fun.

04 Nov 2006


18 May, 2006 by clown7

Look out Osama!
Desert patrol saves the day!
Amarillo's safe!