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04 Nov 2006
08 August, 2005 by clown7

Night vision goggles?
I wish we could afford them,
instead Wayfarers.

04 Nov 2006
02 August, 2005 by clown7

Iraq/U.S. trade:
exporting Democracy,
and importing shoes.

04 Nov 2006


10 August, 2005 by clown7

I know it seems bad,
but sometimes your son gets killed,
that's just how I roll.

04 Nov 2006

Enough Rope

11 August, 2005 by clown7

Photoshop's awesome,
with a click of the button,
I'm hung like a horse.

04 Nov 2006


17 August, 2005 by clown7

Y'all git outta here...
Don't make me call the police,
or maybe the Klan.

04 Nov 2006

Hard Feelings

30 August, 2005 by clown7

That's a huge cake George.
Everyone can have a piece,
kinda like your wife.

04 Nov 2006


28 August, 2005 by clown7

That kid freaks me out,
he says he sees dead people,
and flag draped coffins.

04 Nov 2006
19 August, 2005 by clown7

If these walls could talk:
"Here's ten bucks, get that dress cleaned.
Now where's my pizza?"

04 Nov 2006
26 August, 2004 by clown7

He really believes
I'd follow him anywhere.
Crackheads are like that.

04 Nov 2006
31 August, 2004 by vasan

Ted/Tom: "That dumbass."
George: "Sigh. He has my first name..."
Abe: "Someone shoot me."